First post!

Well, everyone needs a first post… – This is mine –

I would like to start off by providing some insight into the reasons behind this blog.

Like many consumers, I often find myself underwhelmed by products that are supposed to be “cutting edge” but fall far short of my expectations.

This blog will highlight some of these products and provide information on how the products can be improved from a technical point of view. Some products can be improved by any average DIY maker, others can only be improved by the manufacturer, and unfortunately some products should be avoided altogether as there is nothing on earth that can make the product as great as it should be.

I am still yet to find my writing style and with very limited writing experience I hope you can forgive grammatical errors and unstructured paragraphs. What I lack in literary experience, I hope to make up for in technical knowledge.

Thank you for reading this far and brace yourself for the posts that follow. We will be starting off with a cracker!!



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